Friday, February 24, 2006

Hello Lesbians!

For four months I have been writing on this blog to tell everyone how wonderful the Spain is, and I think so far I have been done a very good job indeed. However, is also clear from my look at Sitemeter undrneath that I have developed a large lady lesbian fanbase (fanbase is large, not lesbians). I am not knowing how this has happened!

Is very confusing because I do not know any lady lesbians, I have never met any lady lesbians, and we do not have them in Spain (General Franco shot all of them after the war). I do not even know what the lady lesbians do, escept for play tennis like French lesbian Amelie Mauresmo and old lesbian Martina Navratilova. Is still flattering, I think, that they read my blog, though, because the homosexuals that disgust me are only the male ones, not the lady ones. So is alright, I think, the lady lesbian practices.

I decide to write this posting to say welcome to all my lady lesbian readers, and I decide to put up picture of nice lady for lesbians to look at, but I search all over Internet, and I cannot find a single picture of lesbians. Is clear that they prefer to keep low profile. So, instead, here is picture of nice modest Muslin lady. I suspect she is the sort of lady who lady lesbians will like, because they all seem so shy and difficult to find, especially in Spain and Ireland!

I hope you enjoy my blog, lady lesbians. I will endeavour to provide material that will sustain your interest after I have done all the necessary research into your activities.


Nelly said...

The Dingle Peninsula is a great place to spot lady lesbians.

Gan said...

Well there's a coincidence because that's where I'll be this weekend.

PMJ said...

Manuel, I think that you will find that lady lesbians don't have practices. They don't need any practice because they have it down pat, or down on Pat, depending on the circumstances.
Some lesbians, who were held to be particularly influential and helpful to other lady lesbians were dubbed 'The Muffia'.
Naturally I have no idea why.

Nelly said...

Perhaps Gan can photograph some of these elusive lady lesbians and post to her Flickr site?

Suzy said...

One of your bollera readers here, not a lady but definitely lesbiana.

I look forward to your reports on Spain's magnificent legislation which grants full equality to lesbian and gay couples!

You could also tell us about Pedro Almodovar, Federico García Lorca, Antonio de Hoyos y Vinent, Jacinto Benavente y Martínez, Gabriel Garcia Lorca, Pablo Picasso, Manuel de Falla y Mattheu, Vincente Aleixandre - all famous Spanish gay people and of course you could tell us about famous lesbians too including Ana María Martínez Sagi and Conchita Martinez!

See not only talented readers but thoughtful too! No?

Damien Mulley said...

Espanish people is cool. I like eSpainish people such as José Mourinho, Joaquin Phoenix and Christopher Columbus.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Hola every new reader, lady lesbian or other--

Suzy, you are very welcome and very thoughtful and informative, yes, but I think you are having the fun at my expense. For esample, Picasso is married many times. He is not gay man, he is just misogynist. And Almodovar is not gay, he is typical ordinary Spanish 'bloke.' You couldeasy meet him in Madrid tapas bar or Turkish bath house.

Look also at how many in your list spend time living in Paris. I think that is clear giveaway explanation for their communist atheist pervert lifestyle. Is not something they will have learned in Spain, trust me.

You must tell me about your lesbian activities. Are there special places I should visit to learn the lesbianism? Is there a school?

John O'Brien, Jr. said...

Good Lord,

Just be glad someone is reading. Any and all are welcome to read/comment/love/hate my blogs (, irespective of radce/creed/religion/sex or SEXUAL ORIENTATION!

John O'Brien, Jr. said...

Just started a new blog, check it out and THANKS