Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not So Lazy After It All!

Is crappy postcard picture indicative of ignorant racist British tourist view of Spanish people as lazy bastrads who do no work. In fact is probly a Geordie scrounger on holiday in Alicante who get pissed out of his head and not make it back to his hotel room.

New report from Eurostat reveals that Spanish people are among the hardest working people in Europe, working less hours only than the poor ignorant downtrodden peasants and former slaves of former communist countries who now have a lot on their plate to catch up with civilized west and also have to work double time to make up for all their compatriots who have fucked off to Ireland for hotel jobs and to drive fast and irresponsibly in small cars.

Spanish people are getting fewer holidays than European average, sleep fewer hours than other Europeans (is why we NEED the siesta in the middle of the day), and are also better looking and sexier than other Europeans (especially the Germans): This is not idle bantam; is proved by the scientific statistics.

Hopfully this will now do away with the appalling stereotypes of the Spanish people as feckless, deranged Lotharios who want to do nothing escept pick your pocket, feel up your wife, ejaculate over her skirt, then sleep all afternoon. No. That is the Italians. Spanish people are earning what small pleasures they get from life and are deserving them, too.

Celtic Tiger economy should take note: When balloon goes up and all the hard-working foreingers leave, it will be a big eye-opener for Irish people. Who will serve you your milky frappuccinis, your bottles of Pilsner Urquell, and your bowls of Shiba Inu then, eh?


Curly K said...

At last Manuel, the value of the Spanish nation has been proven - fantástico

weasel said...

Deutche Welle radio leads me to believe that Spain also has the highest workplace death rate, especially among construction workers. Good, because as we all know the only good brickie is a dead brickie.

As I listened to the piece I began wondering if you were back working on the new Madrid ring road for a while. I only ask as one unamed Spanish electrician blamed both the employers and the unions and then said how much safer it was to be an electrician under Franco.

Ms Ann Thrope said...

I never doubted the Spanish work ethic. It's not easy keeping us ignorant tourists drunk all day.

SkookumJoe said...

can you please explain the difference between the Spanish Fly and the Spanish Flu?

and why are they flying so much anyway?

PMJ said...

As I have mentioned before, you can't beat the work ethic of the Spanish shoe shine boys.
They would put polish on the feet of a corpse and then loudly demand an outrageous sum in payment, you can't fault that kind of entrepreneurship.
Although you can deter it with a well placed boot up the arse.
Spanish people need a siesta because they spend all night every night yelling at each other in town squares and from balconies.

gan ching said...

Manuel, I think a certain Spanish person is really, really lovely and very, very handsome. (Have you noticed that I have not been leaving any comments lately? It is because I am playing hard to get.)

Manuel Estimulo said...

Hola weasel--

was very safe to be electrician in Franco's the Spain, because el Generalissimo banned the electricity, escept for use by the military.


Hola. The Spanish Flu makes your bits all red and hot and bothered and flushed and itchy and sore. And the Spanish Fly I am not knowing anything about.

Hola Gan--

Welcome back. I hope you have good luck with your mysterious handsome Spanish person. Do not play too much the hard get with him (or her - is it a rare Spanish lady lesbian?), though, because sometimes you end up empty-handed and then all you have left is your empty hand. Unless you buy something.

Snoop said...

Well, the Spanish evidently work much harder than the French. Spain's high-speed train tracks will reach the border with France in 2009, only a few years behind the original schedule. In France, they won't get there until 2030. You could walk it from Paris faster than that.

J.J said...

Well what a relief! I had quite honestly been somewhat concerned about that inexplicable stain on my skirt that I sustained during my recent trip to Spain. But in the complete absence of any Italians in the area where I was staying I now realise I don't have to wash it yet after all. Hooray!