Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas Prayer

Baby Jesus, meek and mild
Bless the faithful with your smile
Holy Jesus, sacred child
Keep us safe from all things vile

Down from heaven, into manger
Out from slick and slimy thighs
Blood and mucous, lots of danger
Herod's communist atheist spies

Gentle Jesus, in a stable
Angels watching, virgin birth
Choke the Basques with plastic cable
Put them under cold black earth

Masturbators, fornicators
Dirty Muslim, Filthy Jew
Lazy waiters, soft dictators
Split their bestial skulls in two

Let blood splatter, cranial matter
To the glory of our Lord
Gay brown hatter, fanny batter
Put the heathen to the sword

Little donkey, one-eyed monkey
Two small camels, talking frog
Hear his sermon, godless vermin
In proper Spanish, Catalan dog

Here is message, peace and love
Make them listen and obey
Iron fist in iron glove
May all atheists rue the day

See his picture, in the Prado
Beauty wasted on common horde
Give them all the bastinado
If that fail, try waterboard

Loving Jesu, son of God
If they laugh, then make them pay
Spoil their children with the rod
Make them remember, is Christmas Day.



Bock the Robber said...

Happy Natividad.

PMJ said...

In the immortal words of Frank Sinatra, have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Thanks for posting the Pope's midnight Mass homily, I don't speak Italian so its good to have a translation.
Difficult to disagree with the sentiments, as I am sure all right (geddit?) thinking fascists will agree.

Nelly said...

Such a sweet poem. It makes me want never to miss Mass again.

gan ching said...

I had a horrible Christmas. I was sick, I missed Mass and due to selfishness of aged mother and her lack of computer had no access to internet so unable to do my hourly check on this site....but when I got back and read this wee pome I soon cheered up. Thank you Manuel.

SkookumJoe said...

It's true. I saw baby jesus looking in my window the other night. He had a stethoscope.