Tuesday, May 08, 2007

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Today I am a very young looking 54 years old. I celebrate by making prayers extra early and having one extra brandy before breakfast (Is the Cardenal Mendoza, my favourite!).

I have not the many things to do today, such as organizing birthday party, because, fortunately, all my friends and family (such as annoying good-looking brother Hornolo and less good-looking but nymphomaniac mental sister Candelaria) live a long away away from me in places such as mainland Spain, Ireland, Argentina, and such likes, so I do not have to go to the bother of entertaining them, which would be a pain in the hole, especially on my birthday when they should be entertaining me. It helps very much that I do not like the people in general (one of the tenets of both Falangism and Catholicism: Not only are people basically evil, they are an annoyance to be either tolerated or trodden down and disciplined. I think we all feel that way about others most of the time, but is only Falangists who are honest enough to admit it!)

I espect even if they were here to entertain me, they would be unimpressive anyway, with their tuba playing and uncoordinated dance routines. And as for Candelaria's trick that make the dog disappear, is not magic at all, is just practice and lubricants!

So I am happy to be on my own this birthday, as always. Is just me and Jesus, who sometimes speak to me, but rarely on my birthday because he know I like peace and quiet. And is also you, of course, my lovely readers, who also have enough sense to be in other places, where I like you. Will you have a drink of brandy with me? You will have to provide your own, of course, but we can pretend I gave you some of mine, and the next time we meet, I can have some of yours.



Kav said...

Ah, happy birthday, Manolo. To celebrate France's victory over fascism in the elections, I am sending you a bottle of Louis XIII to enjoy. I have no doubt it will be like honey to you.

Flirty Something said...

Happy brandy birthday.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Muchas gracias, Kav. I laugh very much. Was not fascism that lose, was Royalism!

Hola Flirty Lass--

Muchas gracias also. I do not want people to think, however, that I am alcoholic. Was only ONE extra glass of brandy that I have before breakfast.

Fat Sparrow said...

Only one? Down yer neck!

Angela-la-la said...

Many brandies to you!


(I have had many for you)

Manuel Estimulo said...

Hola Fats Parrot and Angelala--

I only drink the brandy to kink-start my day, is not because I need artificial internal stimulation to arouse myself. Also, the Cardenal Mendoza is a lovely dark, beefy brandy, like for esample taking a sherry and dissolving a Oxo cube in it. Is what a proper breakfast drink should be!

savannah said...

i left you a very lovely greeting..and now it's gone...i am so sad...

Anonymous said...


Feliz cumpleaños cabron!

Tenemos una pachanga para ti.

Ay, soy muy borracho.

Demasiado del tequila Don Julio.

Jaime "El" Gallego en Mexico DF

PS - I save my worm for you!

savannah said...

and happy birthday, manuelito, mi amor!

gan ching said...

Manuel many happy returns.

(Who is this person who saves the worm for you? In Mexico eating the worm is a rite of passage and proves a man has reached his manhood. Is this person implying something about you? I am saving my worm for us to eat together!)

PMJ said...

Happy Birthday,

You should be careful with that Cardenal Mendoza, I had a few glasses of that with some Thai seamen once and woke up as a deck hand on a ship owned by a one eyed Filipino called Hector.
We had a cargo of offal we were taking to Argentina, but it smelled so bad we were eventually taken in tow by the US Coastguard and the ship was torpedoed near Charleston.
I eventually got back to Malaga seven weeks later to find the hotel has sold all my belongings.

SkookumJoe said...

you shouldn't mix semen with brandy, Thai or not.

happy birthday manny

Manuel Estimulo said...

Muchas gracias Savanarola, James Galways, Gan, pmj and Spookly. You are all escessively kind.


How big is worm? If you are reading previous posts here, you will know I only have small pouty Spanish mouth. Also, is worm dead or just drunk? I think a worm with a hangover waking up in my stomach is not something I want for a birthday present!


Is a lovely message. I cannot be pool boy anymore, however, for you, because of new opening I have.


There are many rites of passage that different countries have to prove one's manhood. By some cultures, I am not yet a man, even though I am 54, but in others I am a man many times over because, for instance, I have killed a number of American tourists (was by accident of course).


Say hola to Hector for me. I think all drinkers of Carfdenal Mendoza esperience the same hallucinations!!


semen and brandy is the kind of thing only the French would drink!!

Kristín said...

You are so completely normal. At least when compared to the rest of the world...

Happy birthday, mate.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Muchas gracias, kristin. I know what you mean.

I see this blog as a haven for all the decent, pious, devout, old-fashioned, heterosexual, genetically superior, humble, holy roman catholic people out there who are look for somewhere safe from the atheist communist Jewish homosexual perverts who run the Internet. Is my aim to make you all feel welcome and comfortable. You are all very special, and I mean in a nice way.

Manuel said...

Happy birthday other other Manuel. I'll neck a G&T for you.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Gracias other manuel. Put dash of tomato juice in too. Is disgusting.

savannah said...

it's ok, mi amor...i don't have a pool...but now i am muy solitario

itelli said...

Pues, ¡Feliz cumple y enhorabuena manu!

(I hope "manu" iss not too much (h)ippy for ju)

FlyingRodent said...

Many felicitations, Manuel, but don't go thinking that this is a special day merely signposting your terminal decline towards the grave.

It's not that special.

Bon anniversaire, but in Spanish!

Manuel Estimulo said...

Ciao Itallia!--

Gracias. I have been call worse!

Hola Fly and Rodent--

As Lord God jesus Christ King of Kings once point out, "We are just the dead on holiday." Beside, like any good Christian and Fascist, I am look forward to death!