Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fame Is My Cruel Mistress and I Love Her

I am never being so popular before! Is like being John F. Kennedy. I only hope it doesn't go to my head like it did to his!!

I am all in a kerfuffle this week because of all the esciting attention I am being receiving from new peoples who have just found my blog, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. I espect you have seen some of the new commenters, many of them idiot Greeks who have learned now the English language, finally. This mean they will now have the chance to read the classics from their own history, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Homer, The Thunderbirds, by Virgil Tracey, and The Iliad, by Troy Tempest. I am also receiving new attention thanks to my postings at the Irish Life Review, which is bringing my blog to the attention of all sorts of new readers, who are saying things like "What is this shit?" Si! Some people simply do not like exposing their mind to new ideas, even when they are old and venerable and highly respected ideas such as fascism!

I am make for you some esamples:

For my very erudite, informative, and edumacational posting on the Vietnam War recently, the tone of the debate was lowered by someone who call themself anonymous, who says:

"You are an asshole nazi scum. You are one of the biggest shame for the humanity."

Is not even a proper sentence! And what's more, it make the mockery of a very important and sensible debate we were having about U.S.-East Asian rapprochement, and "anonymous," if that IS his real name, come in and spoil it with name-calling. This is why the Internet should be allowed only the elites of society who know how to use it properly.

Anyway, I made the pleasantries, and I offer anonymous manly kisses, only then to receive this appalling comment from "ProudGeek":

"To what you said about Greeks:

I think you are an asshole. When we had civilization you were living in the caves fucnut.


The Greek ppl are real patriots."

What a big disgrace. And talk about Off-Topic!!

You see, some peoples get a bee in their bonnet about one thing you say, and then for them it colour everything else you say as if it invalidate all your thoughts. Is as though you were a fan of Hugh Grant, the fine English thespian and former British prime minister, and then you discover that he was getting a blowjob off a cheap Latino hooker in the back seat of a car. Would you then say, "Harumph. That's really spoiled Four Weddings and a Funeral for me now. And I'll never be able to watch Notting Hill again." No, you would not. You would say, "I will judge each individual film on its merit and THEN never watch them again." And you would be right.

What ProudGeek was complaining about, in fact, was this article which I write about the stupid crazy Greeks and their rioting in Athens. As you can see, there is nothing controversial in what I am write there. Is all commonsense and it hopefully make readers reflect and think, "Hmm. I had never think about this topic like that before. Manuel has let me see the whole world in a complete new set of lights." And after all, that is my pudenda. However, when this post is go up on the Irish Life Review site, it cause no end of kerfuffles. People are say things like:

"Can you spell something right in your native language?


Long live Greek proud nationalism

Fuck the barbarians"

Which I suppose is an advance on killing and enslaving the barbarians, which is what the Greeks used to do. Eventually, one of the nice Irish Life Review editors had to point out that the post I had written was meant in a spirit of constructive criticism and was in no way meant to imply that burning Athens to the ground was the best thing that could happen to the place. It was very decent of him to offer that interpretation to pacify the mentalists, I think.

And today now I read on my article about censorship, which concern the time another of my articles (on my favourite topic of lady lesbians) was censored by the Irish Life Review, this bizarre comment from someone who is name "Anti-fa":

Your URL from this post and your anti-Greek delirium has been sent to the police. I think you should know your rights before you try to insult other nationalities idiot. I hope immediate action will be taken against you very soon! That's it for now. Talk to u soon.

What is it with the idiot Greeks? Do they post their ravings anywhere they feel like it? Are their toilet walls and the streets of their towns and their dogs all having writing on them which say "You are an asshole nazi scum. I am telling the police"? Do they chant it at their football matches? Is it the first thing they say to their wives and children in the morning? It seem to me they have no control at all over where or when they say things. Is like a form of mad political Tourette's syndrome.

I am only point it out now because you can espect that it will turn up at your Web site soon. It seem to occur entirely at random! After all, is not like I have done anything out of the ordinary to incur their wrath.

Keep an eye out, and don't not take it personally. And if a Greek person sidle up to you in the urinal and say to you, "great big nazi cock," do not presume that it is meant as a compliment. They simply cannot help it. Just put your great big nazi cock away, wash your hands, and back away to the exit, all the time keeping an eye on the crazy Greek in case he try something. Becuase you never know what they might have in their purse.

Is a joke!


Gorilla Bananas said...

Surely we can respect the ancient Greeks like Plato while at the same time calling modern Greeks a bunch of shifty crooks? These issues are not black and white.

Anti-fa said...

Hahahaha stupid nazi!!! How pathetic is your life? You cannot even be in peace? One say "You are barbarians we had civilization...." the other "Jesus spoke Spanish, Greeks are idiots...." Hahaha you are all a big shame for the humanity. And yes I am one of those who supports the peaceful demonstrations, You said that you didn't write something controversial... how stupid idiot you are. You slag off the whole Greek history and then you dare to say "I didn;t write anything controversial"? How ironic??? Firstly let me tell you the riots caused by 200 gangs not by the ordinary ppl. There were series of peaceful protests.How do you are to generalize when just only 200 ppl are responsible for violence? Nothing more, there were thousands of peaceful protesters.

So you say that we finally learn English? Are you brainwashed or idiot finally? You always get what you give. "Spanish superiority", fascism this is your opinion, yes you are free to produce so much crap, you are allowed to express your misanthropic attitudes without this being reported to the police, however you don't have the right to insult the history of other countries and offend other cultures got the msg? But the other guy spoke to you nicely, I am not that nice person with those who are indeed barbarians (I mean fascists, nazis not our non Greek brothers). So well, go get a ball with shit eat them all and set fire in yourself and jump from the fifth floor. You will get respect if you show respect. Apologize to what you have said about the Greeks (without generalizations) and I will do the same to you. I don't wanna start a war but if you do then you will get it and I will be happy to see your blog shut down once for all once abuse investigations will start.

Anti-fa said...

Don't forget to edit your post btw... It is full of errors and the syntax is horrid. All that from someone who finally learn English.

My sweetest kisses.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Hola Anti-fa--

You should learn some manners when you come to someone else's place, instead of behaving like some drunken burglar. You are lucky that I am so tolerant. Besides, is not like I come down to Plaka and slap the dick out of your mouth when you are working.


iLL Man said...

I fear some people may never get the joke Manuel. Humour, like the English, doesn't travel well....

Manuel Estimulo said...

Hola ill Man!

Must be a catholic thing, because the Irish is having no problem.

Is true about the English tho. is why their empire only last a few weeks whereas now Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world. Even more than American.


Sweary said...

Manuel, I agree with Auntie Fa, whomever she may be. You are a disgrace. If you weren't so sexy I'd disengage your feed from my arse end, that I would.

Sweary said...
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Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Anti-Fa is an anagram of Fat Ian, if that is any help. His English is remarkable. I think he might be Japanese.

Conan Drumm said...

But Manuel, surely you recall the days (not too long ago) when - in fellowship with Franco and Salazar - the Generals gave strong paternal leadership to the people of Greece?

Manuel Estimulo said...

Hola Sweary!

I am think I am flattered. The secret is not to try not to be sexy.

Hola Daphne!

I have great time for the Japanese, even if their mastery of the English language is suspicious.

Hola Conun!

I do of course recall. They are like innocent children who need to be taught how cruel the world is, preferably by using discipline and trickery.

Neonazi Greek said...

I am proud to be a Greek and all I have to say to you and your Irish friends is FUCK OFF AND DIE.

I know your faces, you look like mongols...

Manuel Estimulo said...

Hola Noenazi Greek!!

I am now very confused. I have fascists writing and pretending to be anarchists, and now someone who claim to be a noenazi yet has far too good the command of a foreign language to be untaint by cosmopolitan foreing influences! I suspect you are really a Communist Masonic agent secateur.



Greek Nazi said...

Manuel you have my dick in your mouth, that's why you are confused and because you are only a step higher of being niggers.

Manuel Estimulo said...

Aah! That esplains the taste of dog shit!!